Sir William Siemens Challenge

I had the pleasure of working with AIA and SIMENS for the Sir William Siemens Challenge, guiding some of the best UK engineering students through the challenge of building data driven audiovisual art installations.
The world is becoming increasingly connected. Whatever your field, as part of the next generation of engineers, you have to consider how the digital make-up of our environment will impact on your work. At Siemens, we think about the phenomenal effects of our futuristic technologies – actively building infrastructure that will allow our cities to run autonomously. Driverless cars, renewable energies, intelligent skyscrapers – we’re at the forefront of them all. And we want to see who’s capable of piecing it all together. Join us at Sir William Siemens Challenge 2018, discover MindSphere – our revolutionary, industrial-powered Internet of Things operating system – and build something to convince us you’re ready for engineering in the digital age.