Father Nandru

“Wilton’s Music Hall is the most important surviving early music hall to be seen anywhere…It is of outstanding architectural and archaeological significance”

The Theatres Trust

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Director Julian Garner on the Sound Design for this dream-like folk tale and with the talented Csergő Band, a Transylvanian folk string trio, as their Music Supervisor for the play. I designed a 9.1 speakers system to deliver the atmospheric design required.

Sound Design Excerpts

Written especially for Wilton’s Music Hall by award-winning playwright Julian Garner and designed by Hanne Horte around the eccentricities of this unique and beautiful building, Father Nandru & The Wolves is a captivating folk tale, based on a true Romanian story and narrated in verse. Experience dream-like design, larger than life puppetry and some impressive feats of engineering. This will be Wilton’s last full scale production before going under wraps & The Chrysalis Club emerges.

Cast © Stephanie Wolff